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If you live in North Virginia, Maryland, or DC, and want your house to look authentic, quaint, and rustic, then using cedar shakes roofing is a great idea. The stunning wooden roofing is a great option since it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can be used in conjunction with bricks or stone to blend the house with the landscaping.

At Sterling Exterior SVA, we provide the highest quality cedar shakes that can help you pull off both contemporary and classical historical look.

Difference Between Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes

As far as function goes, there is no difference between cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Both will require the same amount of maintenance and will protect your roof for decades. The only difference is their appearance and way of manufacturing.

Cedar shingles are sawed off or milled from a block, which results in a very even and uniform appearance over your entire roof. Cedar shakes, on the other hand, are hand-split with the help of a hammer and chisel. Because of this, shakes do not have a uniform look and are more rustic looking and have a rougher texture than cedar shingles.

Today, cedar shakes are no longer sawn by hand by manufactured by machines to give them an irregular appearance. Though one side of the shake that is meant to be hidden is smooth and sharp, the other side has a rough-hewn appearance. Cedar shakes are also much thicker than shingles.

Sterling Exterior SVA is proud to install, repair, and replace cedar shakes roofing across North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Benefits of Using Cedar Shakes in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Beauty: One of the biggest reasons why cedar shakes are preferred over shingles is because of their rustic beauty. Cedar shakes provide an organic look to your house, which makes it blend in with the natural landscape. The wood also ages beautifully into a grayish silver color in the first year and then into a darker grey color as the years progress.

Longevity: Another advantage to a cedar roof that it is long-lasting. Though cedar shakes require regular maintenance, they can last for over 60 years. This means it lasts a decade more than other traditional, common roofing material. With cedar shakes, you don’t need to change the roofing in your lifetime.

Durable: Cedar shakes are also very resistant to inclement weather like strong winds and heavy rainfall. Additionally, they are not damaged by solar rays or are resistant to insects.

Sustainable: Cedar shakes roofing is also quite sustainable as their wood is obtained from sustainable forest. Since they are so long-lasting, the wood can be taken off the roofing and used in other construction process or recycled easily. They are also highly biodegradable, which makes them green.

Energy-Efficient: Cedar shakes provide natural insulation and protection from extreme weather changes. This means they can significantly reduce your home’s energy bills.


Limitations of Cedar Shakes Roofing

Cedar shakes roofing is made of wood, which means it is highly flammable. Although these days, the shakes come coated with fire-retardant chemicals, this is not a foolproof guarantee. Additionally, only premium cedar wood comes from sustainable forests. The less expensive version may not be sourced sustainably.

Additionally, cedar shakes require extensive maintenance every ten years, and it can add to your cost.

However, if these things don’t deter you, cedar shakes roofing can be a gorgeous addition to your home in North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Sterling Exterior SVA has been installing, repairing, and replacing roofs for over 25 years. Our skilled team can assess your house and determine whether a cedar shake roof would be right for your house in North VA, MD, or DC. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation appointment with us.

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