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CertainTeed Siding in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Your sidings make up most of the exterior of your house, so it is very important that you choose sidings that afford maximum protection as well as curb appeal to your home in North Virginia, Maryland, or DC. That means choosing the right contractors so that you can be assured of high-grade products, quality craftsmanship, and peace of mind.

Sterling Exteriors is proud to announce that they are a certified CertainTeed contractor and have 25 years of experience in installing, restoring, and replacing your home’s sidings. We are one of the very best home exterior and roofing contractors in Reston, Virginia and provide our services to North Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas.

To earn the CertainTeed standard, our team has worked hard to meet stringent standards, finish our training, and maintain a positive reputation within Virginia.

Advantages of CertainTeed Sidings

CertainTeed sidings are one of the very best sidings available among the limitless varieties of sidings. Some benefits are:

Eco-Friendly: CertainTeed sidings are sustainable and are made from recycled material. For example, 60% of the material used in their CedarBoards D6 is made from byproduct and post-consumer recycled material. Additionally, 100% of raw materials for the sidings are used during the manufacturing process, significantly reducing landfill wastes. Many types of CertainTeed sidings also do not require paint.

Curb Appeal: CertainTeed sidings are available in a wide range of colors and styles that will match your home’s roof and bring out its unique character. CertainTeed sidings are also available in shakes and shingle styles as well as mimic the natural look of wood grain. Sterling Exteriors can help you choose the best type of sidings according to your home.

Energy Efficient: CertainTeed sidings provide optimum insulation similar to what you can achieve through rigid foam insulation. This means your home will be protected from the impact of extreme temperatures and will rely less on your HVAC systems. This means you can drive down your energy costs.

Low-Maintenance: CertainTeed vinyl and polymer sidings require minimum levels of maintenance and ensure quality protection over the years. The best thing about these sidings is that there is no need to caulk or paint them. Additionally, you just need to wash them with mild soap and water to make them look brand new. With a well-maintained roof and gutter system, this siding can help add more value to your home.

As roofing contractors in North VA, MD, and DC, we understand that extensive knowledge, training, and experience are the most important things in the home exterior industry. As a 5-star contractor with a CertainTeed certification, Sterling Exteriors has proven they can install, maintain, repair, and replace the full line of CertainTeed’s sidings.

We can make sure you have a comprehensive list of options for siding which only CertainTeed can give you. Whether you want polymer, vinyl, or insulated sidings, CertainTeed has them in the widest selection of color, texture, and style for your home in North VA, MD, and DC. To place an order, call us today at (703) 260-6331.