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Sterling Exterior SVA is committed to providing clients in North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC with superior-quality metal roofing services, along with other home improvement services.

Sterling has been serving the people of North Virginia for over 25 years, and has helped many make homes they can be proud of. When it comes to making beautiful homes, roofing styles can make a big impact on your home and bring out the beauty of your paint, trimming, and sides.

Whether you a living in Manassas or Alexandria, one of the best types of roofs to use is a metal roof.

Metal Roofing

Metallic roofing is one of the most attractive and durable types of roofs that can be installed in your Virginia home. Metal roofing come in plenty of styles, colors, and materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, standing seam, corrugated steel, and more.

Types of Metal Roofing for Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Steel Roofing

Steel is one of the most popular materials used in every aspect of construction. Although the initial creation of steel can be an exhausting process, its reusability means that much of the steel that is used today is made of recycled material. It is also one of the least expensive metals.

In the past 50 years, steel roofing has been developed to mimic more expensive metals like zinc and copper. Since steel is one of the hardest types of roofing material, it can be used in places that have extreme environments like high winds and hail, which is why North Virginia, Maryland, and DC are one of the best places to use steel roofs.

Steel roofing also comes in various types like:

  • Galvanized Steel: This is created by coating the steel with a layer of zinc to give it extra protection from the elements.
  • Galvalume Steel: This is created by coating the steel with a combination of aluminum and zinc. This gives better protection than just galvanized steel, and offers a smoother, more uniform spangle.
  • Weathering Steel: This has an outer layer designed to intentionally corrode in order to protect the inner layer.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is an extremely durable metal, is scratch-resistant, and can last for over a century! Additionally, zinc can be easily be manipulated into amazing shapes for your roof.

Zinc also has a low melting point, which means processing it only takes about 25% of the energy as compared to steel and copper processing. It is also one of the most available and recyclable materials. One major downside of zinc is that it can acquire chalking over time, but this can be cleaned and fixed by Sterling’s contractors.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is also extremely long-lasting and can last up to 200 years. Because of its longevity, the material has been used as roofing for centuries.

Copper is one of the softest metals, which means it makes very quiet metal roofing. However, it can be quite expensive, but it is still considered one of the best quality roofing materials to install.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

The greatest benefit of stone-coated steel roofing is that it offers you more versatility by giving you the durability and protection of steel, but the aesthetics of traditional slate or clay shingles at a lower cost.

Stone-coated steel roofing can last you a long time and is one of the best options for houses in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

Corrugated Steel Metal Roofing

Corrugated steel metal roofing is thin and lightweight, which gives you an added advantage of installing them on top of your existing roof for added protection. This also cuts down the cost of removing the old roof. Corrugated steel metal roofs are the least expensive type of roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing features vertical panels that are connected to each other by interlocking seams. They are the most common style of metal roofing because of the availability and accessibility of the material across the entire country.

Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof in North Virginia


Although the initial cost of making and installing metal roofing is higher than materials like asphalt, metal roofs are very durable, and can last anywhere from 60 years to over 200 years. Most North Virginia, Maryland, and DC consumers decide to install long-lasting metal roofing because it will be the last roofing they ever have to put on their homes or business.


Compared to wooden, asphalt, plastic, or glass, metal roofs can easily withstand some of the strongest weather elements, including high wind, hail, snow, rain, debris, moss, mildew, and rodents. Additionally, metal roofs are fire-proof, granting you extra protection from fire-causing elements.


Although metal roofs are initially more expensive, this is just a one-time cost. As mentioned above, metal roofs can last for decades and even centuries, if maintained properly, which means you never have to think about installing another roof over your head ever again.

Greater ROI

A metal roof can also increase your home’s resale value. It is estimated that a metal roof can get you an average return on investment of 90% of the resale value of your home. Since metal roofs are fire-resistant, they can also lower your insurance rates. They also offer you longer warranties and are very durable.

Low Maintenance

A metal roof typically requires minimal maintenance, especially if they are correctly installed. Some upkeep includes cleaning the roof of leaves, debris, and insects that are stuck beneath the shingles or in the gutters after a storm season. Concealed fastener roof require even less care than exposed fastener roofs.


Metal roofs are very recyclable, meaning that any old panels or scrap metal can be recycled to create other metal products. Today, many metal roofs are already made of recycled metal. Additionally, zinc and copper metals are both recycled by nature and are sustainable. So if you are planning on having roofing installed in your North Virginia home, make sure you let us know environmental-sustainability is important to you.

Sterling provides you with full residential and commercial roofing installation, repair, and replacement services in North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. As a home and business owner, you will want to make sure that your roofing company will give you quality work at the right price. At Sterling, we understand the concerns you have for your home and ensure you get the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to metal roofing that can last you a lifetime. Call us today at (703) 260-6331.

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