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Trim, Wraps, and Soffits in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Some very important parts of your home are the trims, wraps, and soffit overhangs. Without these components, the underlying parts of your house, like the beams and eaves, become exposed. As these parts are at the top of the house, they are more vulnerable to rot and erosion due to the rainwater that trickles down. If they deteriorate, the water can make its way down into your house and make space for insects and critters to take up residence in your attic. Additionally, carpenter bees can also burrow into the trim of your woods.

Therefore, new trims, wraps, and soffits make these areas of your house secure, protected, and free of insects and small animals that can wear and tear down your home. Additionally, they offer a beautiful, clean, and fresh look to your home and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

For places that are prone to wet and humid conditions like rainfall, snow, and storms, such as North Virginia, Maryland, and DC, trim wraps and soffits are an ideal way to keep your beams, fascia, and friezes away from damage and to prevent infestation of bees, rodents, and other pests.

However, not all wraps, trims, and soffits are of high quality. You may believe that with a cheap brand, you can adequately protect your home, but it becomes very expensive when you find your wraps torn away from your trip and lying in your yard.

So, if you are looking for a unique, high-quality, and low-maintenance way to preserve and beautify your home, we at Sterling Exterior SVA can offer you trims, wraps, and soffits that give your home a finished, polished, and sophisticated look.

High-Quality Vinyl Trims in North Virginia

At Sterling, we make high quality trims with a vinyl coating as well as a composite material that results in a high-grade vinyl finish that can resist fading, eroding, and chipping. The best thing is that these trims are low-maintenance and can be easily washed with soap and water with the help of a power washer. This can help them look fresh and new for years.

Vinyl Trim Wrap by Sterling Exterior SVA

Your trim also needs protection from the elements. If your home has a wooden trim, in addition to replacing it with our low-maintenance trim, you can also protect it further with a trim wrap. If you want to keep your wooden trim, make sure the wrap beneath is not rotten. If it is, you should have it replaced with vinyl trim.

There are three types of trim wraps that are the most popular in North VA, MD, and DC: pure vinyl, aluminum, and aluminum coated with vinyl.

Aluminum coated with vinyl is the best option for you. Pure vinyl trim wraps are prefabricated so they cannot be turned or molded exactly to your house’s specifications and may not be suitable for all weather conditions. Aluminum wraps can be customized, but simple aluminum wrap may retain scratches and dents and be susceptible to mold. However, aluminum coated with vinyl offers the benefits of both these types of material as it does not corrode, is waterproof, and is bacteria- and mold-resistant.

Sterling Exterior SVA can offer you huge selections of colors and styles so that your home can have a unique character.

High-Grade Soffits in North VA, MD, and DC

Soffits are essential for providing protection to your roof overhangs and ceilings of the porch. Soffits are fitted in a way that the material beneath them can pass air and let water drain easily so that your home always looks its best. It can also be used under decks to provide a beautiful patio area.

Soffits are available in hundreds of beautiful color combinations.

Trimming, wrapping, and soffiting are skilled arts and should only be carried out by a crew that specializes in them. At Sterling Exterior VSA, we have a team of workers who work exclusively on roof trims, wraps, and soffits, taking your home to the next level of art. We use a specialized method to wrap and trim your house, which allows them to withstand incremental weather like storm winds.

If you want to install or replace your trips, wraps, and soffits in North Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, contact us here today.

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