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Vinyl Siding in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC

When you are looking for high-quality vinyl siding in North Virginia, Maryland, or DC, Sterling Exteriors is at your service. Installing new vinyl siding in your home is one of the most popular options for homeowners who want to protect their homes from the elements for decades.

At Sterling Exteriors, you will be able to choose a large variety of vinyl siding products that carry the best warranties and are virtually maintenance-free.

Today, vinyl siding comes in a limitless range of colors, styles, and designs and can provide character and personality to your home. If you live in North Virginia, Maryland, or the DC area, you can choose from wide options of vinyl shakes, shingles, vertical sidings, and horizontal sidings that can enhance your home’s value.

Features of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a beautiful yet low-maintenance siding option or your home in North VA, MD, and DC. One of the best things about vinyl siding is that it comes in a seemingly limitless range of colors and in different forms like shakes and shingles.

It also does not show scratches, peel, or rot away, and just a gentle rinse with soap and water can clean all the grime and gunk from it, making it look as good as new.

Even though vinyl siding may eliminate your need to repaint again and it is quite easy to clean, the siding is pretty thin and brittle if you compare it with other roofing products. This means that they can bend, and that rough weather can damage them. If this happens, water can leak into the siding and reduce the beauty of your home.

To make sure you have the right kind of siding for your home, it is necessary to see what things you need to consider:

Gauge: One of the most important things you need to consider is the thickness or the gauge of the vinyl panel. The higher the gauge, the stronger and more durable your panel will be. Thick vinyl sidings will offer better protection to your home from the elements. They are also more rigid so they will hang flatter against your roof, making an attractive finish.

Wood Grain: Vinyl sidings are molded with different grains of wood to ensure the exterior has a different look each time. Wood that has smooth grain works well with traditional-style homes as well as modern architectural homes. Bigger, pronounced grains can help your home create a realistic rustic appearance.

Vinyl Squares: Like many other roofing materials, vinyl sidings by Sterling Exteriors is sold by the square. This is equal to 100 square feet. To ensure proper installation of your vinyl sidings, determine the square foot of all the sides of your home. By dividing them by 100, you will get the number of vinyl siding squares needed to cover your home completely. We also offer you free estimates of vinyl sidings if you are interested in installation in North Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

With Sterling Exteriors, you can install vinyl sidings in your home that can bring out the unique character of your house. Whether you want to beautify your home with muted woody tones or go for more decorative designs, you can bet we can install it for you.


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